Updated May 01, 2018 02:30 PM
Monthly Pledge

Set up a recurring donation to Kick It Forward! 

We support soccer initiatives all year long and would love to have your support all year long as well!



Here a few ways Kick It Forward has made a difference in the community ... 


  • Provide financial support for student athletes in college soccer programs
  • Donate money to JUSC/sporting scholarship 
  • Host adult tournaments 
  • Provide coaching for u11g, u13g, u15b and u15g teams
  • Run training sessions for u10-u16 players
  • Host free soccer clinics for kids
  • Run preseason tournaments for high school players 
  • Donate practice tees to high school teams
  • Particiate in fundraising events around town to continue raising money Kick It Forward
  • Donate to specific causes close to our hearts, or our players hearts 



Let's Keep It Going! Donate Today!

Setting up a recurring donation is easy! Simply click on the green "Donate" button, fill out the form and then click on "Contribute each month the same amount" at the bottm of the form. 

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